David E. Ghannam pc  Attorney.


  • Will David E. Ghannam pc Commit malpractice or be negligent on my case? 
    • ​​Ghannam pc has already done it once... will they again?

  • Can I trust buying a business or buying a property in the hands of Ghannam pc who a Jury to be found to be "Negligent" ?
    • ​If they are negligent on your case you may lose your business or property

  • ​David Ghannam pc Didn't have insurance to cover their malpractice or mistakes... Do they now?  
    • ​There are plenty of law firms out there who are insured why hire one who is not and risk your case

  • Do I want to risk myself, my family or my property to a firm that has been found by a jury to be negligent?  
    • ​in most cases unless you have another attorney review what is going on you might not know about the negligence until it is too late!